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Pride Comes Before A Fall !!!

Stacey's Soup
Stacey’s Soup

Well it had to happen didn’t it, a gastric meltdown, why I am not really sure. I have kept to my meal plan, have not had anything suspect that I know of but still had a reaction. I had almost forgotten about the pain and the inevitable results. I have gone back and analyzed what I have eaten in the few days before the problem and tried to find a reason.

Before going full on AIP I did not eat many berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc, because I found that they were not conducive with my temperamental digestive issues. I made a decision to include blueberries in my eating plan because of the many health benefits of this little berry. I did not seem to have any issues with them so continued to include them. “Big tick”.  Because of this success others such as strawberries and raspberries got included on my plate. I even added plums and nectarines, fruits I have always loved from a child but had to stop eating. Having them in small quantities in odd meals over a few days seemed OK so I began to introduce them in bigger quantities, various ones at the same time and for more meals over shorter periods. Maybe this was a step too far and perhaps this was enough to aggravate and inflame my intestines. This was the only thing I could think of that may have caused my problems so I have now gone back to my safe fruit options, apples, pears and bananas. I may still include a few blueberries occasionally as well for the foreseeable future.

I now need to heal my problematic gut so have decided to start the day with a quiet soup which will be made from leftover cooked protein, veggies, homemade bone broth and healing herbs. An idea by Matt for his wife Stacey at .My other meals will be simple with not too many ingredients. I want to feel OK when I start on the Paleo Approach meal plan, my next  ‘dive’ into the AIP sea.

I would also like to now cut down my fruit intake and so reduce fructose, which although a relatively healthy sugar, a sugar never the less. Maybe this change will help with my overall well-being and indeed further weight loss, a sort of sugar detox. I have already cut out refined sugars, I only use honey or maple syrup very occasionally and so get my sugar hits from fruit. I am definitely  loosing my sweet tooth and have not craved chocolate for ages, once my favorite go-to treat.

The Paleo Approach
The Paleo Approach

I have read more of the Paleo Approach book by Sarah Ballantyne and find it really fascinating. OK so there is a lot of science but it is interestingly easy to follow, is easy to understand and so nice to actually read. It is a big book with masses of info so I have a long way to go before finishing it. The new cook book which follows on from this has loads of lovely recipes and all being AIP it is nice not to have to change things (except to pander to my own palette). The six-week plan is comprehensive with a great shopping list. I intend to follow this quiet closely when my digestive system has calmed, something which is taking longer to do than I expected. Perhaps this is because I have been eating so well and my system does not want any more screw up. So I have to listen to my body and take note and make sure I eat ultra clean and carefully for a while and not include stuff I didn’t eat before.

I will see how I get on with soup for breakfast and then onto the next challenge !!