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What Next ?

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       I feel that I am at a crossroads and at something of a loss. After completing my strict 28 day AIP food plan I now want to build on my improved health and energy but not really sure which road to go down.

There are so many options and ways of eating clean that I wonder if I stay as I am I will fall off the wagon so to speak and revert at least to just eating mainly Paleo. I have been looking at different aspects of eating healthily and staying strict AIP.  Should I go down smoothie route for a few days, or even juicing, or should I have maybe just have soup type meals for a while to settle my system more. I don’t think that I really want to do another month of eating as I have been even though I know it has done me a lot of good. It is a lonely and often unsocial way of getting nourishment and there are so many recipes I want to try and also to eat.

For the past week I have eaten strictly AIP and am now deciding what to do next. I have at last ordered the book by SarahBallentyne  from, called ‘ The Paleo Approach‘ and am eagerly awaiting delivery from amazon. So maybe I will wait a few more days , keep going as I am and see what this book has to offer.

I think as I begin to feel better I tend to forget how bad things were. This is where motivation can become less pressing and slip ups can start to happen. I have to keep reminding myself of the dire consequences of this and not be tempted off the AIP path.

Although my sleep is slightly better it is not as improved as I want but maybe that will still come. My hands and feet are not painful as they used to be and I have regained some strength in my hands. I can now squeeze a lemon with my right hand as well as my left, something I have not been able to do comfortably for a long time. I do feel as though the brain fog has started to lift and my energy levels are definitely higher. When I think of these few things I know I am on the right path and one which I must continue to follow.

Although the main reason for eating this way was to improve my health, a good side effect has been a steady weight loss, something I had hoped for but wasn’t banking on. I have not counted calories or done any of the usual diet things,  just eaten what my body obviously needs. The pounds have come off slow and steady and I am now 13 Lb lighter than when I started, just shy of the magic stone which I am hoping will happen soon !!!!!. Another big incentive to carry on.

Well, that’s all my ramblings for now, back to the kitchen to rustle up more AIP food.

Things I have eaten this last week

slow cooker whole chicken
slow cooker whole chicken

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As you will see it has been much the same as before.

I have now received the Paleo Approach Book as well as the cookbook that goes with it and will post about how I get on when I follow Sarah’s meal plan ideas.