Monthly Archives: August 2017

Day one, the start of my journey!

Since my last post I have been putting my kitchen and food choices in order as well as trying out keto eating. I have come to the conclusion that keto is not for me at the moment, it is far too restrictive on items I enjoy  so AIP eating is the way to go for me.

I have a tendency to make up recipes to include food I like and more importantly can tolerate but forget to write things down so repeating it exactly is often a no no.  That being said I am going to try and mend me ways and record what I put into a recipe. I have inherited this way of preparing things from my mom who never owned scales or had measuring cups or spoons. She used any cup in the cupboard, any desert spoon or teaspoon  in the cutlery drawer and just plain hand measurements and pinches between her fingers. I do use scales and measuring spoons but ” forget” to record what goes in and how much, relying on taste and look.

Although there are more and more AIP breakfast dishes out there I think I will stick to my basic uncomplicated colourful plate consisting of avocado, blueberries, cucumber, apple and a protein. I never got fed up of this the last time and look forward to having it this time. Lunches are often a problem because I am not keen on salady meals and get fed up of soup so may just have a “second” breakfast.

So to the main meal, a good quality protein and lots of veggies will be my aim. I would like to finish this meal off with a dessert so am going to look into really healthy ones with no sugar.

Snacks are, I think, important on any restrictive eating plan so I intend to have something on tap that I can grab easily or have fresh fruit or chopped veggies ready made in fridge.

Well,  that’s my proposed plan. I am looking forward to developing my recipe skills and improving my health and sleeping, ( loosing weight would be good too!!!!)