AIP and Keto ? A new start

Posting is a way of keeping me on track and hopefully keeping me true to my goal.

in my mind I am full of certainty about what I want to do, what I want to achieve and most importantly how I want to go about it. Then life gets in the way and my resolve weakens and back I go to old ways.

I have followed a predominantly Paleo way of eating for about 8 years now, changing to a more restrictive AIP way of eating a few years ago. I managed to heal my gut pretty well and lost a few stones. I then got fed up and although I stil eat healthily I would have the odd non Paleo food more and more regularly. I have not put the weight back on but have not lost anymore either. I have noticed more aches and joint pains starting again. Sleeping has become erratic and the tired feeling returning more and more. It is not rocket science to me to realise that eating the way I do is not giving me optimum health. So here I am again seeing if writing about what I eat and how I feel will give me the motivation I seem to have lost.

This time I will go back to AIP but will also try to eat the Keto way. I know this can be more restrictive but maybe the results will make it worth it. I am not going to have a set long term goal but will do it week by week.

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