Try, try and try again !!!

I’m trying a fast day today to try and relieve the inflammation and bloating in my gut. Then get down to serious keto eating tomorrow.

I haven’t done too well over the last month or so, too many non compliment foods and treats. This unsafe eating for me has meant that I have added more pounds to loose and resulted in muscular pain and general discomfort. A lesson painfully learned !!!!!!

So far today I have not eaten anything, just drunk loads of water and green tea. It is early evening and I must admit I am feeling a little hungry but apart from that all OK.

I have been doing the NHS couch to 5K podcasts and am on week 5. When I started I couldn’t even run for a few seconds, now I can run comfortably for about 15 minutes. I am also doing the strength and flexibility podcasts. Both these are great and I am really starting to feel I have more stamina and strength. Today I completed the second run of week 5 and also walked to the supermarket to get provisions. I have a daily goal of 10,000 steps which I have surpassed by doing over 12,500 steps so far.

Another goal I have been trying to keep to is going to bed as soon after 10.00 pm as feasible. Some days I hit my target, but other days I fail miserably.

Although my blood pressure readings are still on the high side ( but not too bad) my resting pulse is 57 which is excellent for my age. I intend to stay away from medication to lower blood pressure by eating even better than I normally do and make a concertive effort to get all the extra pounds off.

Well those are my new and latest goals, ones I can hopefully keep to and improve my health and fitness over the next few months.

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