Day Three

I have managed to get to day 3 of this new regime. However doing strict keto is not really for me, far to restrictive of foods I can eat and watching the carbs is way too complicated. I will carry on just doing AIP so continue eating good whole foods full of the nutrients my body needs. I eat mainly organic but if I cannot get something that is organic I just get as good quality and fresh as I can. I take the view that not eating processed foods and mainly cooking from scratch is hugely beneficial so a bit of non organic is a small price to pay.

So what have I had today? Well I decided to have a smoothie mid morning  (no breakfast),  smoothies are not something I normally have. I made it with tinned coconut milk, frozen bananas and some almond butter. I thought it might be a bit bland so added some vanilla extract to sweeten it. When I blended it it was so thick I decided to put it in a bowl and use a spoon. I topped it with fresh blueberries and raspberries and it was fantastic !!!!


Lunch was my usual plate of avocado, cucumber and blueberries but this time I had some red grapes and for protein hard boiled eggs. I really love this type of meal, it looks nice, is separate items on the plate and tastes good with lots of different flavours.


Dinner was a bit different from the norm, as I just had sandwiches. I make my own bread so know it is full of only good things. The filling was mashed hard boiled eggs which I normally mix with mayonnaise but didn’t this time. I followed this with the rest of the amazing smoothie mix, yum!

Thats the nourishment, now how did the rest go!!!

I did run 1 of week 6 in the NHS couch to 5K plan and am still amazed at what I am achieving. It was a combination of runs and walks in 35 minutes and I managed to do 4800 steps towards by daily 10.000 goal. I got my heart beat up and recovered quickly , so it must be making me stronger and fitter.

A brisk walk to the co-op for provisions netted a  further 3,300 steps.

I also did week 3 of the NHS strength and flexibility podcast. Since starting this a few weeks ago I have definitely noticed a difference. Just need to really strengthen muscles around my knees so I can do more.

It is early evening now and have achieved 13,000 steps. Well above my goal, another daily thing ticked off.

Although I went to bed at 10.15 feeling tired and relaxed, after a short sleep I awoke at 11.30 wide awake. I tried to get back to sleep but didn’t so got up for a few hours. After going back to bed I slept fitfully till morning achieving only 51/2 hours. Must do better tonight.

Tomorrow is another day so hopefully can keep going as I have been.

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