Day 5

Don’t know why but last night was the pits . I was awake most of the night only getting 2 3/4 hours sleep according to my Fitbit band. Maybe I was hungry although I didn’t feel I wanted to eat. My calorie intake has been a bit low lately so maybe need to up the anti and consume more. That being said today I had breakfast, not a meal I generally bother with but maybe eating the way I am trying to I need the “extra” meal. My plate consisted of sliced chicken, blueberries, cucumber and avocado. It was hard to eat it at this early time but I think I need to persevere.


I had another ‘plate ‘ meal for  lunch which had apple, cucumber, avocado, chicken and tinned salmon. Not too different from my breakfast but when I’m not at home this is easy to pack and transport. Apart from which I do really enjoy the different combinations whilst knowing I am eating good healthy food that is also AIP complient.


I went out to family for my evening meal, it was a fajita type mince dish with sliced potatoes on top crisped in the oven. It tasted lovely but is not the kind of food I like to eat too much of now. I prefer things separate on my plate ( or at least be able to distinguish items) so these “mixed” meals don’t really do it for me. Even so as I said earlier I did enjoy it and it was very warming after the cold, cold day we had today.

Because of the muscle pain and the bone pain in my feet (probably early arthritis) I decided against  doing any running or strength training. I just had easy walks and pottered around the house and garden doing little jobs. Even so my steps are in excess of 8,500 so far so will probably reach my 10,000 daily step target.

I started this latest regime on a Wednesday so did all the weighing and measuring then. I have decided that to me it seems more logical to do the comparisons Monday to Sunday so have decided to plot all measurements etc from that day. This means that last week was a short week but nevertheless a productive one. After the initial loss of 4 1/2 pounds the day after my fast, today showed a weight increase of 1 pound. Looking at it logically therefore I have lost 3 1/2 pounds since starting to eat properly again, ( 5 days ago) a good result in anyone’s book so I feel quiet elated at the moment, what will happen tomorrow after ‘eating out’ tonight and not doing any strenuous exercise today who knows.

I think that I am getting more into it this time so hope to keep going, try extra hard to only eat AIP complient foods and stick to my running and exercise regime. Time will tell !!!!!

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