One week later. Day 7

I have reached a small milestone of 1 week. In the grand scheme of things a drop in the ocean so to speak, but nevertheless worthy of celebration. Over the week I have lost a total of 4 pounds, not bad really,  more than I expected especially as I haven’t stuck completely to my meal plan . A few no-no have crept in  but nothing too significant. I have laid the foundation for healthy eating and an exercise regime which I am quite enjoying and feel I can keep up. The strength and flexibility workouts I think are really starting to make a difference. I still cannot do much which relies on my knee power but there have been very slight improvements so maybe one day I will be able to do squats!!!!

Today I just felt the need for eggs for breakfast so had some on toast. I should have substituted bacon for the bread but a) I didn’t have any and b) just wanted some fresh homemade bread.

Lunch was a meal out consisting of the roast of the day which was beef with steamed veggies and new potatoes. I ditched the roast potatoes and stuffing but did have a yorkie. (that funny shaped brown thing top of plate)


I had a light evening meal of baked potato and tinned tuna. I wasn’t that hungry but thought I needed more protein to stave off the hunger pangs later. I did succumb (again) and had a small scone with a smidge of butter and jam.

The pain in my feet was still there today so again decided to forgo the running but did a brisk walk instead.  I did the strength and flexibility podcast to supplement the walk but don’t think I will hit my 10,000 step goal. It will be the only time this week so not too bad.


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