Still going strong: Day 6

Another day and still there. It was a funny day because not being at home has its challenges. I am following through with having breakfast but just had a banana and apple with a slice of chicken. Not very adventurous I know but easy to get and fits in with my eating plan. Lunch was my usual plate meal but I decided to have


crispy bacon, avocado, blueberries with apple and banana. Making the bacon ahead of time makes this whole meal quick and easy. I love cold crispy bacon so it fits in well with the fruit. It is nice to have a ‘salty’ taste to contrast the sweet taste of most of the other ingredients.

Dinner had a North African influence with the use of a Ras al Hanout spice mix. This spice is not AIP but eating away from home sometimes makes it necessary to go outside the box.

The chicken cubes were covered in the spice mix and put in fridge for a couple of hours to infuse the spices before being added.


Included in the dish were precooked onions, bell pepper, carrots and mushrooms. The coated chicken was layered on top with the pineapple pieces and lemon juice and chicken stock added. This was cooked for 1 hour 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius in the close covered  oven dish. It was served with rice but I opted for a green salad.

Apart from the bell pepper (and the spice  mix of course) all the other ingredients were AIP. I am home tomorrow so will be able to be more adventurous and stick more strictly to what I should eat.

My feet still hurt today so again I didn’t  do any running, instead I did a couple of brisk walks and a strength and flexibility workout. Overall I achieved over 12,000 steps, Step goal tick.

Overall it was a good day. I managed 7 1/2 hours sleep, did some reasonable keep fit and ate not too badly. It is soooo much easier at home. When calculating my calorie intake I am  falling short of what I should have in both amounts and food group breakdown. This I am going to try and amend as I go. I hope to be back to improving  my running tomorrow, fingers crossed.




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