25 minutes… the time I ran today !!!!! Who would have thought it, from being able to barely run for a few minutes (mostly walking fast) to running for so long after just 6 weeks. All be it at a slow pace nevertheless it was 25 minutes non stop.  That’s the self congratulations over with and I hit my 10,000 daily step goal. Winner, winner …….

Now for food. It was a good day again today, I managed to eat AIP all day. I am getting used to having breakfast but not too early, still feel it is a bit surplus to requirements but needs must. I decided to include some lovely fresh raspberries together with blueberries, avocado and cucumber. I had the last of my batch cooked boiled eggs for protein. I know that eggs are not strictly AIP but I don’t have a problem with them so like black pepper I include them.


Lunch wasn’t much different from breakfast, except protein was tinned pink salmon and I included apple instead of raspberries.


These ‘plates’ to me are very enjoyable I like the variety and the colour combinations. I don’t have any issues afterwards and don’t feel sluggish or bloated, a massive plus.

I wanted to keep my evening meal quiet ‘clean’ so opted not to have the mixed protein on offer and just had the rest of the tinned salmon from lunch with the plain vegetables and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were mashed without anything added. The veggies were carrots, string beans and cauliflower.  It may have looked odd with the tinned salmon but actually tasted really good, and no after effects.



Birthday cake I made for a 7 year old.






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