Day 9

Today was a bitty day because of traveling away for the weekend to celebrate a seventh birthday. I only had a banana for breakfast because I really did not feel hungry but didn’t want to not eat till lunch time. Persevering with breakfast is not easy but I think maybe I would start to miss not eating something till later. Time will tell

We had lunch on the way, not very inspiring as I only had a choice between chicken or gammon. All the other items on the menu had some kind of dairy in them and my intolerance to anything milk or things made using milk made these an absolute no-no. These were both served with fries and a self select salad which was not too bad as salads go.

My evening meal was a lovely homemade shepherd pie. This had lots of veggies cooked with the meat and topping with a mixture of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I snacked on apples and red grapes with a sneaky amereto biscuit. Again according to my lifesum app I did not eat enough calories although the content was reasonable.

I did not do the run today but had a days rest. I did a brisk walk instead. Because of travelling I have not hit my step goal only achieving 8,500 steps. I didn’t do the strength and flexibility podcast either so altogether a not too good day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Oh wait!  , it’s party day with cake and other goodies. Let’s see how good my resolve is surrounded by family and naughty food …………

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