Another day

I slept reasonably well for the first time in a few nights. Don’t know why I am having trouble staying asleep but I do go through phases and then it seems to settles. I must admit I have not felt as relaxed as normal over these last few weeks. I am naturally optimistic (unlike hubby who is a bit of a pessimist!), so not a great worrier. I have been a nail biter for for the majority of my life but this last year I stopped. Now I have started again, don’t know why as I don’t have any problems that I am conscious of and mostly take the view that things will eventually work out, and if not, well I can’t change it so accept it and carry on. Maybe I need to try a bit of meditation, in the past when I tried to meditate I could not really “empty” my mind so didn’t get much out of it. Still, maybe now I am older I may be able to reach some level of quiet and relaxation.

Boy did I feel hungry this morning, a concept that is quiet alien to me. I had my breakfast earlier than I normally do and found it really satisfying. 9A326EE3-222E-404D-A384-483C4B1F82B8

As you can see from the picture it was my usually plate type meal, this time consisting of blueberries,  cucumber, apple and boiled egg. I felt satiated for most of morning and instead of having a snack just had an early lunch of tinned tuna and a green salad. I did have a couple of cream crackers just to give it a bit of a bite.

I had an apple and red grapes during the afternoon, I felt I wanted something a bit more substantial but resisted and had a big glass of water instead. This aleviated the feeling and meant I did not eat too close to my main meal. This was a mince dish with carrots and potatoes cooked with the mince. A satisfying meal without the heavy after meal feeling.

Although I completed over 11,500 steps, non of this was down to running or exercising hard, just walking and working around the house. It is amazing to me the number of steps I can take just around the house.

Tomorrow I need to get back to running or a least a very brisk walk and try to make my meals more nutrient dense. Perhaps look into meditation as well or some other mind emptying pastime. Hopefully I can get a good, unbroken nights sleep tonight. I have been experiencing less pain lately so something must be going right.

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