Monthly Archives: January 2018

Not working out !

What a lovely quiet day today, I had a bit of a lie in until 8.30. Surprisingly, according to my fitbit band, I only had 6 hours 55 minutes, that’s 5 minutes off my sleep goal. I thought I had slept better than that but obviously had a restless night with awake periods that I wasn’t really aware of. I had a breakfast of just grapes and apple after my warm lemon water drink. I pottered around the house in the morning before going out to lunch. We went to a place we used frequently before it was taken over and ‘done up’. We went there not long after it was finished but was not really impressed with change of menu and especially being “made” to sit where they wanted us to instead of choosing our own table as previously. We decided to give it another go to see if things had become more relaxed. We were allowed to choose where we wanted to sit, an improvement on before. They seem to have done away with the lunch time light bites menu which was just enough midday . I  usually only have a choice of one or two meals from  the menu because of intolerances so usually end up with gammon. A 10 oz gammon is really too much for lunch time, I much prefer a 4 oz one midday. The food was good though, I even got a well done gammon that I asked for but don’t always get. Overall the experience wasn’t that good so I think this place is perminantly off at dinner time.


I secided to to do a run mid afternoon which I completed but reasonably slowly. I then did strength and flexibility exercises incorporating them in a walk.


I didnt feel like much food in the evening so had one of my usual plated meals, nice and simple and nourishing.


I still have not dropped much weight so I think I need to seriously look at what I am eating, when I eat it and how much. Maybe I need to try intermittent fasting or go the whole hog and try keto again. What I’m doing is not working out so a change is necessary I think.

Tomorrow the books will come out again and I will try and settle on something that is easy to do, nice to eat, suitable for hubby and get me my weight loss. Here’s hoping!!!!!!