2018 …..

It’s been some time since I last posted. Been a busy time and I’m afraid that my blog and eating plan as well as my fitness regime have taken a bit of a back seat.

I have stayed in the main Paleo and have incorporated AIP ‘rules’ for most but not all the time. Overall my health issues have not been too bad until about a week ago when I suffered a major gastric upset. I couldn’t pinpoint why so assumed it was the culmination of maybe bad choices over the last few months. Nothing like pain,  discomfort and unpredictability to get back on the straight and narrow. Over the last week I have started to change my way of eating back to what I know is right for me. My digestive system is slowly getting back to some degree of normality and seems less inflamed and not so bloated.

My dabble with keto and AIP together was not that successful so have decided to just go with AIP for a bit longer.

I was also lax with my fitness regime over the last few months and have noticed more stiffness, less mobility and less stamina. So it’s back to building this up again in a slow and reasonable way. I have started walking and have consistently managed over 10,000 steps and even got up to 16,000 steps in a day. Running I think will have to wait until I feel my stamina has improved which shouldn’t be too far in the future. Although I have been doing the strength and flexibility workouts, it has not been all that consistent which shows. Another area for me to improve on and get back to doing consistently.

Lots of things to do just to get back to where I was at the latter end of last year. I feel sad that I have let things slip and set back my health goals but no point dwelling on what could have been just think what can be. My natural optimism will hopefully spur me on to achieve.


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