On The Up

It’s been quiet a good day today. I managed to get over 8 hours sleep last night so setting me up for day. I didn’t feel like breakfast just had a green tea. I did a short 12 minute walk/jog mid morning and am really beginning to feel that I am getting my stamina back. Perhaps it is the ‘good’ eating kicking in as well as the gentle reintroduction to walking. Soon be able to start on my running plan again I think.

It was out for lunch today where I had roast meat and a selection of veggies. I also did have some potato which I know I have to give up if I want to get back to a stricter AIP way of eating. I did notice that the pain across the top of my feet was quiet bad in the afternoon, I am beginning to think it is because of the potatoes. Maybe I really need to stay away from the nightshade family. I don’t eat tomatoes now (except tinned tomatoes when used as base in a mainly meat dish) or any of the other nightshade family but potatoes!!!!!, so versatile and let’s face it great to eat.

This afternoon I did a 30 minute stint at fast walking and really got my heart rate up. I didn’t manage the strength and flexibility module but hope to start to get back into it maybe tomorrow (I know putting things off and tomorrow never comes).

Evening meal was mainly fruit with some leftover chicken breast and some cucumber.

My calorie intake was a bit too low today, I know I have to eat more and will try and do better tomorrow. I have to get back to starting day with a nourishing breakfast but it still feels alien to eat when I don’t really feel hungry. I am more of an evening picker, a habit I want to really get in check.

So thoughts for tomorrow…

Continue with the walking with maybe short bursts of running, do strength and flexibility module, eat breakfast and try to eat more sticking in the main to AIP food for rest of day. Easy peasy !!!!!

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