Goals !!

Not a bad day today, managed a long walk/run session and a more relaxed walk session.

One of my goals today fulfilled.

Another goal was to have breakfast. Well I did have it but waited till mid morning. It consisted of blackberries, cucumber, apple and a hard boiled egg. I know eggs aren’t  really AIP but I don’t have a problem with them so together with black pepper I do indulge sometimes.


I still like eating this way with everything fresh, separate and colourful, and having a mixture of fruit, veggies and a protein. A nice all round nourishing meal. If I didn’t have to feed hubby I would probably eat like this most of the time. I don’t like doing separate meals for one sitting so try to incorporate my eating regime while making nice food for others.

Another small goal I have set myself is to empty the freezer of all the stuff I filled it up with over the Christmas period. I received my box of lovely fresh organic veggies yesterday so thought I would make meals to incorporate as much of the veggies with the freezer contents. To this end I got out some loin pork chops and set about making them into a simple but nice meal. I am not keen on pan frying chops, I much prefer to put them in the oven. To this end I caramelised some onions and added these to the loin chops together with sliced mushrooms, green beans, Herbs de Provence, a little bone broth (homemade), himalayan pink salt and ground black pepper. This was cooked covered at 200 degrees C for 35 minutes.

I am trying to have more veggies so served this with lightly cooked carrots, string beans and brussells sprouts.

91705C8E-113F-4280-A190-CCF63641F82EAlthough I really enjoyed eating this, after about 30 minutes my tum began to feel a bit off. Although it was only mild, I can only surmise that something in my meal was not suitable for me so have to go on a mission to find out what caused the problem. Another goal I think !!!!

For my evening meal I had one of my nice basic plates, this time with blueberries, apple, tinned salmon, cucumber and grated carrot.


Overall most of the food I ate was AIP (not egg or pepper though) so nearly managed that goal as well. The only one not completed was the strength and flexibility, maybe tomorrow?


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