Good day, Bad day

I had a good sleep last night clocking up 8 hours and 5 minutes. How I wish I slept like that every night. It certainly makes a good start to the day. I did a short walk just to lay the foundation to hopefully a good exercise day.


It’s surprising how ‘quickly’ you can achieve a reasonable walk when the sun is shining and there is no cold wind.

Now the bad bit is that I “forgot” to eat breakfast (it’s hard to break old habits) so had an early brunch instead


I was going to make some breakfast patties but didn’t get round to it so ended up having egg again, but this time I teamed it up with blueberries, cucumber and banana. I did go off piste with AIP by having a slice of homemade bread as well. That’s the problem when you make your own bread, you just have to try it….

Put the flags out, I managed to do the strength and flexibility podcast. I must admit it was a bit hard to start with but soon got into the swing of it and was surprised that I was still quiet supple even after a few months break from it.


I decided to try for an easy jog instead of another walk and was able to do over 30 minutes, more than I have been able to do since starting this fitness regime. I have very quickly been able to regain my fitness and stamina and even excel at it. Just shows what good nourishing yet simple food and consistent exercising can achieve.


Overall so far today I have got over 12,700 steps in, moved 5 1/2 miles and have done 102 minutes of planned activity, so a good day


Our evening meal was at a friends who did a lovely plate of herbed white fish served with a selection of lightly cooked veggies (carrots, cauliflower, sprouts and green beans. I passed on the mashed potatoes (boo hoo!) and the peas.

My calorie intake is again on the low side so must try and rectify this by eating more food and being consistent. Breakfast here I come!!!!

I was expecting to feel tired and hungry this evening but feel neither. I still have pain across the top of my feet probably due to arthritic damage caused when I was not eating as well as I do now, maybe the deadly nightshade family? . The stiffness I usually feel when I get up in the morning seems less and the aches and joint pains also seem less.

Weight loss is still a problem though, I was hopeing to loose pounds more consistently but some days my weight is down and other days it is up. Maybe my body is still acclimatising, I live in hope and wait with bated breath for it all to come together……..


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