Best laid plans and all that !!!!!

Funny how a way of life takes some changing. I have never been a lover of breakfast even as a child. I was ‘forced’ to eat something before going to primary school but when I got to secondary school I was left to my own devises with regards to breakfast. I would often take just toast to school to eat when I got there or at first break. Same thing  happened when I went to work, not really wanting to eat until dinner time. This has meant that breakfast has never been an important meal to me so getting used to and indeed remembering to have it is proving difficult, hence no breakfast again today.

When I first tried AIP about 3 years ago I forced myself to eat as soon as I got up as suggested in the protocol. It took some time but I did eventually begin to enjoy having it. During that time I did lose a significant amount of weight which suggests to me that breakfast is important for my metabolism. So I really must try harder.

Lunch was a chicken thigh cooked with caramelised onions, sliced mushrooms, lemon juice and various herbs and seasoning. This I had with sprouts, carrots and cauliflower.


Dinner was one of my favourite plated meals with the breakfast patties I eventually got round to making.


I had these with avocado, cucumber, blueberries and apple. Followed by some red grapes and an orange.

I managed a shorter run this morning  (time constraints) and did the strength and flexibility podcast again after lunch. The rest of my steps were just from general walking around and working in the house.


Overall I think I did quiet well today with regards to food and exercise and had a reasonable night sleep last night but not as good as the previous night. I again did just over the magic 10,000 steps so am happy with my continual and consistent step numbers.


I had lost about a pound in weight, in the right direction but not as good as I would really like.

Who knows maybe the breakfast will do it !!!!!


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