When I was young I could sleep for England, I was so drained after work I would usually fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Now not so good. My sleep patterns are inconsistent, some nights good and others not so good, some very bad.  I use my fitbit to monitor the length of my sleep and the different stages. My ideal sleep would be for 8 plus hours but I aim for at least 7 hours.  This last week I have managed 5 out of 7 nights of at least 7 hours which is not bad really. Now this may have coincided with my improved exercise routine and eating good nutritious food so a good reason to carry on with it.

That being said I did well this morning by having breakfast first thing. I decided to go all out and had my homemade beef patties and teamed it with blueberries, cucumber  and lettuce with a dressing of EVOO and ACV.


I enjoyed it but it took a bit of eating.

I managed another run today, well it really is a jog but whose splitting hairs? I am able to run/jog reasonably comfortably for about 30 minutes which shows I am slowly getting fitter with more stamina.


Lunch was a quick simple meal of just veggies. I didn’t fancy the protein on offer so decided to forego it.


It was, to me, a nice colourful selection which hopefully has many of the nutrients I need.

I did the strength and flexibility podcast again. I did find that the explaining of each of the moves is starting to grate a bit. I want to get on with it and want it to flow more. Perhaps tomorrow I will try doing it from memory with just some music and see if that is better. I am definitely getting more flexible so will continue with it and maybe look for something more challenging.


I decided to have a ‘pig out’ for dinner and just had a beef pattie, with blueberries and red grapes. I also had my homemade bread again. Not the most nutritious meal but I really enjoyed it. Not very AIP either ! .

Another day with steps in excess of 10,000, not bad going really. I am finding the exercise regime I am following getting easier (but not too easy).


I have been surprised at how my stamina and well being has increased in such a short period of time. I have managed to get my resting heart rate down from 62 bpm to 55 bpm. My blood pressure though is still sometimes slightly raised which I have to try and stabilise, something I want to do with good nutrition and exercise.

Tomorrow is another day, I’m looking forward to more achievements.


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