A really bitty day

It’s been quiet a busy day today with very little sitting down. Although I didn’t manage a run I did walk to the shops which were about 1 1/4 miles away. This gave me 35 minutes non stop exercise which fits in with what I want to achieve in a day. I did get the bus back part of the way though, lugging heavy shopping during a walk is not my idea of fun. Taking the little ones back and forward to pre school also upped my step numbers.

It is always a surprise to me just how many steps I get in just generally working around the house doing chores and cooking. Overall I think I achieved my exercise goals without setting aside any specific time (as I didn’t have any !!).


My eating has been a little lax today. I started with breakfast on the go and it went downhill from then on.


I didn’t eat properly at all today and now really don’t feel hungry so cannot be bothered to get anything substantial. I did eat fruit and a few crackers but no real protein after breakfast. Maybe I’ll just have one of my beef patties so I don’t go to bed hungry.

With all the tooing and froeing I have done today, my step count of 14,450 was, for me, quiet awesome. I clocked up over 6 miles and did 73 minutes of ‘exercise ‘.


Tomorrow will probably be a similar sort of day so will have to see how it turns out. One thing I must do though is make time to eat properly and regularly, something I failed miserably on today.

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