Some missed opportunities?

I didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked last night. After 2 nights of restricted sleep I usually make up for it on the third night. I seemed to wake up loads, maybe because of the high winds causing things to bang, and then I had quiet vivid dreams, not that I remember what they were about but they were not relaxing. I slept in a bit this morning trying to make up for the disturbed night. This was ok but as soon as I was ready I was ‘dragged’ off to the shopping mall to make sure of a parking space. So what went by the way but breakfast again. The best laid plans don’t always work out and a missed opportunity to get some early morning nourishment.


The mall is reasonable large and wouldn’t you know it the shops we needed were at the farthest ends from each other. The good thing was that it meant I had two longish walks, ok time wise not overlong but nevertheless a reasonable distance each time.

An early lunch of a plateful of organic veggies with a couple of hard boiled eggs started off my metabolism (better late than never). I also had some malt loaf (bang goes the AIP) just to finish the meal off


I managed a run in the early afternoon which felt great. I did a 2 mile run at a reasonable pace without stopping. It is hard to believe that a few months ago I couldn’t even run for 1 minute, I had to fast walk. The slow introduction to running using couch to 5K podcast has really worked. I now feel that I could run further with my increased stamina and maybe faster with my increased strength. I think however that I will just go along as I am and not push it. I was never doing this to excel but just to be able to do it. I can’t  see me doing a marathon but maybe eventually a 5K fun run in the future.


I got my new box of organic veggies today and was pleased with the content and quality. Although I can tailor the box to things I want, it is always a lovely surprise when I see what’s in it. I just need to get nice recipes for celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke, fennel and beets. Some of the not so usual ones that I decided to try.

Dinner was leftovers Shepard’s pie and some of the last veggies from the previous box. My calorie intake is still a bit on the low side so need to address this.

The day, overall,  was not too bad. I ate reasonably well of nourishing foods if not enough of them and I did well on the exercise front. I didn’t manage the strength and flexibility podcast, another missed opportunity, but hope to incorporate it in tomorrow’s regime.


I again achieved and surpassed my 10,000 daily steps clocking up over 12,300 steps. That’s 13 continuous days in a row. Not bad for a former couch potato who only walked when necessary.

I dropped another couple of pounds in weight from the weekend weigh in,  It has been a downward trend for a week now, here’s hoping to keep this up. There are so many lovely clothes in the shops, I just want to go and get some but refuse to spend anymore on clothes until I have dropped a further size or two !!!!!

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