Everything right?

Today started well as I hoped after yesterday’s missed opportunities. I decided to start the day with a warm freshly squeezed lemon drink. This is supposed to help to alkaline the body and more importantly help in detoxing and supporting the liver, one of the most important organs in the body. I than had breakfast about 30 minutes later which consisted of just fruit. I didn’t have any ready to use protein on hand so didn’t include any.


I love blueberries but have found them rather lacking in flavour lately. These blueberries however were not too bad so I was glad that I had bought them. These with a gala apple and some red grapes were a great combination and surprisingly filling.

This set me up for my first activity of the day a relaxed run. I managed a 34 minute run but the pace was slower than yesterday. I don’t really fully enjoy these runs yet but the sense of achievement is immense. I still find it surprising that I am able to do them and more importantly recover from them so quickly. I know that once I can settle to doing them comfortably I will try to increase the pace by small increments, so improve my fitness and stamina more.


I had a green salad for lunch which included lettuce, cucumber, celery and spring onions. I don’t really bother with a dressing on my salad but it is a good way to get some EVOO and ACV into my diet, both giving good nourishment. I had a boiled egg to add some protein to the meal. I also had another warm lemon drink to continue helping my liver.


I finally got to do the strength and flexibility podcast today, as well as some short walks which really upped my steps . I easily achieved my 10,000 goal steps and some more by early afternoon. The workout took 24 minutes and was fairly relaxed. I am really beginning to notice improvement in my leg muscles which support my knees. These have  been weak for most of my adult life, using my knees as pivot to lift anything heavy is a definite no-no. The gentle squat exercise was impossible when I started this podcast but now I can managed some as long as I use support to not put too much pressure on the joints. A big improvement which I am hoping will get even better.


My evening meal was again a green salad similar to lunch but this time the protein was tinned salmon and I added some sautéed mushrooms just because I could.


Today I feel that I did everything right for a change. I did my intended run, walks and fitness podcast and managed to eat AIP  (I know I don’t have a problem with eggs so sometimes include them).

My goal of eating from the freezer is continuing and it is looking a bit emptier. I have some organic chicken carcasses frozen which I think I will use to make a fresh batch of bone broth tomorrow as my stock in freezer is getting pretty low. This will free up a load of space in one of the freezer draws ready to fill with lovely organic  meats and some nice fresh fish when I go protein shopping again.

I have found some interesting recipes to use some of my unusual organic veggies from my delivery box. These I will prepare tomorrow for then and the weekend.

A0E7C32E-613F-437D-A91C-F7AB848C3A28Steps record for day.

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