Getting on track again

Breakfast today was my favourite kind of meal, just fresh, colourful and separate. Avocados have finally started to be nice again not brown or hard as rock. I don’t know how they store avocados between growing and selling to consumer but it is something that needs to be looked at by some retailers. Buying an avocado that looks nice but is brown when you cut into it is annoying to say the least so getting nice ones now is great. They are such a good source of good fats I like to have some each day.


Although I did a run again this morning, it was quiet slow. I didn’t seem to have much energy today but hope this is just a glitch. I did manage over 30 minutes and ran for a mile so despite not feeling great I was pleased with the achievement.



I spent the rest of the morning streamlining my kitchen and it’s many cupboards. I like to have a place for everything but everything doesn’t always go in its place so messy cupboards!!!!

I finally managed to get nearly all of my kitchen gadgets off the surface and into their cupboards. The kitchen looks so much better and I have more work surface to create my ‘culinary arts’. I used to do more varied recipes but lately have got into the habit of producing tried and tested favourites. I feel the need to experiment more so to this end have been scouring my many cook books.


I am still using meat and fish from the freezer so have tried to find recipes using what I have and also incorporating veggies from my organic box. I want to keep what I make AIP but also for hubby to be happy to eat it. So tomorrow will be the start of the grand experiment in producing good, nourishing AIP meals.

We went out to lunch and I must admit I did go off track (again) and had egg and fat chips followed by chocolate fudge cake, really lovely.

I didn’t do the strength and flexibility podcast as I still felt a bit lacking in energy, but I did do a lot of walking so achieving my walking goal but only just.


I made bread this afternoon and as usual could not resist it. The smell is so inviting and hard to resist. I had a couple of thin slices in a sandwich and then had some malt loaf.



This kind of food is a bit brown, beige and insipid looking just the kind of  boring looking food I really try to avoid but sometimes just feel I have to have. Tomorrow I will probably pay for the way I have eaten today and regret it, but not at this moment,

My weight has again gone down a pound so something must be right, although as I eat less calories than recommend and do lots of exercise I am surprised at the small amounts lost. I keep hoping for more but will not get despondent yet. I am hoping that the good food I eat and the physical exertion I put in will start to pay off  with bigger rewards, I can only hope.

Tomorrow I hope to achieve many things. I want to complete a better run than today, achieve my step goal, do the strength and flexibility podcast and cook a lunch and dinner  from my cookbooks following AIP rules.

Here’s  hoping ………..

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