I woke up today really refreshed, not something I am used to. I slept reasonably well, although not for as long as I would have liked. I obviously had enough sleep though. I had my warm lemon drink before breakfast about half an hour later.

C8CAD3D6-E790-4F9C-8E6C-6AC6C5D695F8It was a funny combination but looked good if a little green. The lettuce had a EVOO and ACV dressing so got good fat and the goodness of the ACV. Teaming it up with blueberries and cucumber with the chicken wings I cooked yesterday made it filling and reasonably nutritious.

I did my run which I must say seemed easier. My legs didn’t feel so heavy and I wanted to keep going more than I usually do. Maybe I really am getting so much fitter and increasing my stamina. It just shows that keeping up regular exercise helps to make you want to achieve more.

84C8927E-C7CA-4ABA-9B39-348D3F7CED40I ended running for 37 minutes and covered a distance of 2 1/4 miles. I recovered very quickly bringing my heart rate down to a reasonable level in less than 5 minutes, the length of time I walk as a cooling down period after my run. Very, very happy with this.

Lunch was a full roast chicken dinner with loads of veggies. I did roast some beets but decided they were not really worth the red hands so won’t be adding these to my repertoire (just like the fennel).


I did the strength and flexibility without the podcast. The continual repeating of how to do the different exercises is beginning to interrupt the flow. I have done the podcast for a bit now so know what I should be doing. I combined it with walking and listening to my talking book so found it enjoyable. Again I think I am noticing that things are becoming easier, even my knee joints seem to be being more supported by my improving muscle tone.


I spent ages on the computer looking up new AIP recipes. There are so many now. When I first started eating this way about 3 years ago there was not a great deal around. I have been eating mainly Paleo for about 9 years now so AIP was the next stop to heal my gut which I managed quiet well. I didn’t keep the AIP up but still ate mainly Paleo but now feel the need to get back to it. I decided this time not to go cold turkey but ease into it which I think I am at that level now. I just have to pretend I hate homemade bread and I really don’t like potatoes, my two major downfalls.

To this end I had a nice evening meal of AIP while hubby had the fresh homemade bread.


I had the remaining chicken wings with avocado, blueberries, cucumber and apple.

That was my day of food and exercise, I again passed by step goal, that’s 3 weeks on the trot, actually 23 conservative days.

90DE9FE0-EC57-461C-8A87-D05AB60808D1I continually surprise myself by attaining  and surpassing my goals, particularly where the running is concerned. I never in a million years thought I would be where I am today . I now really have to get to grips with my eating and eat the way I know my body needs and does well on. Maybe armed with my new AIP recipes and a positive outlook I will be more inclined to get in the mindset. My only bugbear is the lack of weight loss at the moment. Although I am loosing more than I am gaining it is still not as I think it should be given the effort I have been putting in. I will continue on this path and hope it will all come together.

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