Busy, busy, busy

It was an early start today, getting up at 5.00 is not nice so only had about 4 1/2 hours sleep. Travelling is easy at that time of the morning though (5.40 ish) so the half hour drive is not too bad. Seeing the little ones faces when we arrive is worth it. We had a lovely time together playing and then getting ready to go to pre school. Because of the early start I couldn’t face breakfast so had it when I got back from the pre school drop off. It was my lovely plate of blueberries, cucumber, avocado, apple and more chicken wings (can’t get enough of them).

It is not easy to go for a run here so decided to do a brisk walk to the shops. It always surprises me just how far the shops are but it is a good work out. I did cheat again and got the bus back with the shopping.


Lunch was virtually the same as breakfast but with a piece of roast chicken breast left from Sunday’s cook up.

I spent the rest of the day working in the house and going back and forth to preschool as little ones finish at different times from each other.

I made a mince dish for the evening meal and had this with a selection of veggies. Not a very interesting day food wise but being away from home has its disadvantages.

I did  a few short walks and the strength and flexibility routine early evening and was very pleasantly surprised to have completed over 16,000 steps. I haven’t done that many in quiet a while


Tomorrow will be another busy day with the little ones so looking  forward to seeing what I can achieve then.

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