Walk, walk, walk

My final step total for yesterday was 16,341 which for me is a goodly amount. Today’s steps exceeds even that, so far it is 16,560 not bad at all.


I knew today was going to be busy, it seemed to be non stop all day. I walked to the shops again and got a reasonable workout. This time I did a slow walk back instead of getting the bus which added to my step total.


My food choices, although good, were not very inspiring. My breakfast and lunch were virtually the same just a cold platter of blueberries, cucumber, avocado and chicken.


The rest of the day was taken up with too-ing and fro-ing to preschool and other things with the little ones. I am home know and feeling tired as I usually do after Monday and Tuesday away from home.

I have noticed that the pain in the top of my feet seems to be getting worse. I think I will have to look at whether  my trainers have the right amount of support. I find it difficult getting comfortable trainers and usually end up with compromise ones. I have thought about going to a specialist shop that will look at how you walk/run and exercise to make sure you have the appropriate trainers. Maybe that is becoming a necessity with the amount of running and walking I am now doing.

Not a very inspiring day today but goals have been met and surpassed . It’s back to normal tomorrow.

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