Getting to the culprits

Deciding what to eat can often be difficult if you have to follow certain rules as well as avoid intolerances and allergies. Eating can become a drag with lots of negativity. Before my intolerance to milk and milk products really began to rear its ugly head I enjoyed quiet a varied diet without thought of restriction or monitoring. I had gastric problems which curtailed my social life and travelling. I never knew what to expect as I didn’t know what was causing the problems after never having symptoms until into my thirties. I drank milk, ate cheese and enjoyed yogurt often daily.

It took until in my forties to realise that it was an incredible intollence to milk and milk products which were causing me problems. These just got worse and worse over time until now I cannot even tolerate a tiny bit of milk in a cup of tea without major problems. After reading an article which seemed to list my symptoms I went cold turkey all dairy products  and avoided them totally. This cleared up most of my symptoms but I still had problems. Fast forward another 10 years or so and I came across Paleo eating. I loved to cook from scratch so this way of eating seemed a good choice. I slowly transformed to a predominantly Paleo way of eating and have found it suited me really well. Somethings I still find it difficult not to eat bread (gluten) and potatoes (nightshade family) but restrict them as much as possible. I have never been a lover of beans (legumes) (except baked bean) so they were no loss. Further restrictions with the AIP way of eating, I think, went a long way to healing my leaky gut and mostly getting rid of many more of my symptoms. I know this is the way to go but it is hard and I still have slip ups. Maybe doing things half hearted is stalling my weight loss and making me feel not 100%, lacking in energy and feeling tired but not able to sleep well. Knowing something and following it through are not the same. Here’s to a concerted effort on my part and hopefully to better health.

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