Decision made ( I think?)

I have read books and on line blogs and anything else I can get to look at and understand the Keto and AIP combined way of eating. I don’t know whether this is for me or not but I think I will give it a try. I know AIP eating is great and causes me little to no problems overall,  so I think that as long as I follow what I know but incorporate it into keto I think it should work.  I also think I may go down the fasting route by not eating between my last meal of the day and lunch the next day. This will be a period of about 18 hours. I may not do this everyday but see how I go. As I am not a lover of breakfast not eating until lunch time is usually not a problem. The BIGGEST challenge I can see is not eating after my evening meal which tends to be over by 6.00pm. I am an evening picker and so will find not doing this a bit difficult. I will probably transition slowly and find meals we both enjoy, are not too difficult to make, and will fit into Keto – AIP mindset.

Today started not too bad, the pain in my feet was much better so maybe the running is too much until I manage to get trainers that support my feet better. I will probably carry on doing a brisk walk each day just adding in a run occasionally at the moment. The walk today didn’t  seem to make my feet hurt more so here’s hoping


This walk was the only logged bit of exercise I did today. The other steps were from working around the house, cooking and shopping, so achieving my daily step goal.


My first food of the day at lunch time was a Keto salad with tinned salmon, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, celery  and blueberries. I added more fats in a EVOO and ACV dressing so making it with the right mix of fats, protein and carbs.


It was a lot to eat but filling and tasted good. I love tinned salmon above all other fish so a good thing to start with.


Dinner was nearly right but a bit high on carbs, the carrots did the damage. Changing the selection of veggies I can have to be more low carb will take a bit of time.

So far this evening I have managed not to snack and particularly not eat any fruit which can have quiet a carb hit. I am not sure that I like the idea of not having fruit (apart from some berries) something else I will have to try hard at.

The first day of proper Keto was a bit mixed. I enjoyed the salad so will have it regularly as I know it is both AIP and Keto, I won’t have to measure ingredients and I’ll be able to make it up quickly in advance (without the dressing until ready to eat).

I am looking forward to tomorrow to see if I can achieve meals to incorporate AIP and Keto,   stop evening snacking and fast until at least 12.00 midday.

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