Some success

It was a lovely crisp but cold morning perfect for a brisk walk. I decided to follow a route that I haven’t done for a while. It is mainly flat which is good for my knees but has subtle inclines along the way which are surprisingly taxing. I am obviously getting fitter and the muscles supporting my knees have strengthened  because I found the walk easy. I was able to keep up a good pace despite the dreaded inclines and managed it, in for me, a good time. I continued round my normal walk to get my 30 minutes plus walk. The pain in my feet was still there but did not encroach on my walk.


I nearly managed my 18 hour fast. I didn’t eat till lunch time but did have some grapes last  evening. These were eaten without thought, something I have to be more conscious of. I need to practice mindful eating, giving more thought to what I eat and when. I would maybe not fall into the evening eating trap without thought.

Roast chicken dinner is hard to beat, this is what I had today but had mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. I must admit I was not keen, maybe cauliflower should be just cauliflower and pass on  the potatoes instead of trying to substitute them.

I did the strength and flexibility routine  and am finding parts of it really easy now. The leg stretches however are still not easy and maybe are causing my continual muscle pain. I have decided to go a bit easy on these for a few sessions just to see if it makes a difference. The strength part of the routine I think needs to be increased in intensity so I am looking into this for next time.

I had a chicken salad for my evening meal,  and now am into the fasting period. I hope to practice mindful eating (or lack of eating) until tomorrow lunch. At the moment I don’t feel hungry making me think I eat in the evening for something to do. I will have to get my knitting going again, idle hands and all that.

Today I have managed to keep in the Keto guidelines for food, done a brisk walk to elevate my heart rate, completed the strength and flexibility routine and surpassed my 10,000 step goal. Not bad at all.


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