More goals achieved

I did the full 18 hours food fast as I wanted to. I thought about eating something during the evening but decided it was just habit and not through hunger. I had a big glass of water and left it at that. Mindful eating is something I hope to continue to develop . As I don’t really go for breakfast I didn’t feel hungry at all so waiting until lunch time to eat was not an issue.

I went for my walk again enjoying another cold crisp but sunny morning. I started out ok, full of energy but towards the end I did feel a little fatigued.


I broke my fast with a nice salad having a couple of boiled eggs as my protein. I added lots of oil and cider vinegar dressing to make sure that the meal had a good fat content.


I added blueberries but maybe will use these as a snack in future and make the salad a bit bigger. I felt a little hungry mid afternoon and had a slice of just cooked homemade bread  (my downfall). I did a few short walks during the afternoon and did some strength and flexibility as well just to maintain suppleness

I haven’t looked for more strength exercises as I intended to, maybe tomorrow. I think I would also like to incorporate stretches that help to elongate my back. I have felt a little tired today but that maybe due to way of eating and not having too good a sleep last night.

I am now into my fasting period which hopefully will go as well as yesterday. My step goal was again surpassed, I feel I have won this goal and intend to keep it up as long as possible.


Although I didn’t eat completely keto I am not disappointed as I managed my fasting, met my step goal, did my daily exercises and increased my water intake. Four out of five is not too bad. Hoping for better tomorrow though.

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