Another good day.

Making commitments to yourself can be self destructive. You wake up in the morning and decide that today is the day everything you want to achieve will be achieved. The day starts well but slowly can go downhill telling yourself that doing this or not or eating this or not will have no impact on your day and your commitment to yourself. This has often been my downfall and I haven’t achieved what I wanted to. Thankfully this time I have had more willpower and with little wins I have wanted to keep it up all up and try and reach my end goals. Previously I think I would set my goals too high and wanting to reach them quickly. This time it’s been slow and steady and I must admit easier. My goals have been achievable with continued input both with exercise and nutrition. The more you meet a goal the more you want to keep it up and even surpass it.

Starting the NHS couch to 5K plan was one of my biggest wins. Starting from not not being able to run a few steps (I had to do quick walking for the first few times) I can now run comfortably for 30-35 minutes, not fast but consistently.  I am developing good stamina though. It is only the pain in my feet that prevents me from doing it daily. Hopefully this will change in the near future. I know I have to alternate runs with brisk walking and it’s not too bad. I am still looking to get better trainers though.

I did another brisk walk today with periods of running in the time. I didn’t have as much pain so maybe this is the way to go for a bit.


The same can be said for the strength and flexibility routine. Again it was one by the NHS which started to slowly build up strength and make me more flexibility. I have a way to go with my legs, they are not good with the stretches but getting better. I now find most of this routine a little easy so intend to incorporate more and different moves to carry on improving.


The fasting from 6.00pm to about 12 noon next day is going well. As long as I have enough good food at the evening meal I don’t feel the need to snack. For lunch I had a salad with tinned salmon  (got to get fish in somewhere) Dinner was a selection of veggies, organic of course, and boneless lamb chops. Both these meals were AIP complient and almost Keto. I still find counting carbs hard and am surprised how much are in vegetables. Getting the right % of carbs to protein to fats is not easy, but I am getting better at it. I try to snack on blueberries in the afternoon if I feel peckish as they are so good to incorporate in any meal plan.


Overall it has been a good day eating and exercising wise so again feel I have achieved. Tomorrow is weigh in day,  it will be interesting to see how I have done weight wise over this last week, here’s hoping !!!!!

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