A slip up

Loosing weight has always been my primary goal but healing my gut has been a very, very close second. With the help first of Paleo and then AIP my second goal is a long way to being met. Eating this way for so long has not really given me the weight loss results I hoped I would get. Along the way I have found things that I need to do and things I need to not do. Paleo certainly cleaned up my eating habits and I learned a lot about why to avoid processed foods and various other “ manmade” foods and drink. As a child I had simple cereals like cornflakes or weetabix, never sugar coated ones or anything with other added stuff. This wasn’t because my mom thought they were unhealthy, just that they cost too much. As I have said before I don’t really go for breakfast, maybe the plain cereals were the catylist. Our main meal was always cooked from scratch and mainly consisted of meat, potatoes and one or occasionally two vegetables, only having a pudding on Sunday which was usually homemade rice pudding. Tea always consisted of a sandwich and a homemade cake with the occasional bowl of tinned fruit and evaporated milk. The only fresh fruit we tended to have were an apple or orange and sometimes a banana. There wasn’t the choice there is now but I think it was a much more healthy way of eating. It laid the base for a healthy and more importantly thin body. Then came the processed food explosion which coincided with my babies. Anything for a quick meal and believing all the hype about a healthy ready meal. How wrong it all seems to have been. Why are there so many overweight adults and more importantly overweight children. Why do so many old folk have brain problems, could it be because they were all told to go low fat, cut out things like butter and change how they were fed when children and adults. The chemicals and other stuff put into processed foods has that had an effect? There are more intelligent and focussed people out there looking into these issues who hopefully can come up with conclusions that aren’t influenced by big food company lobbyist or big pharmaceutical companies. We can only hope.

Me, I firmly believe in the hunter gatherer type eating advocated in Paleo, I stay away from processed foods nearly 100% of the time, I don’t have low fat food and tend to cook everything from scratch mainly so I know what is in it. Starting on Paleo did have a good effect on my health. I still however had gut issues even after I found many symptoms were from my growing intolerance to milk and milk products so gave up dairy completely. The first time I decided to go with the AIP way of eating I was amazed how well I felt, many aches and pains were drastically reduced and I lost a lot of weight. A win win situation.

Unfortunately I became complacent, I still followed a Paleo way of eating but not the stricter AIP way. Some of my symptoms gradually came back, not as bad as before but still there. Importantly my weight started to go up. So started months of gain a few pounds, loose a few pounds resulting in an overall gain, still not as much as before. You can live with not feeling 100% for a while but after a bit it becomes a drag. I finally reached that point and so now want to get it together and achieve my goals. Getting fit has been great and exponentially easier, I am almost AIP complient and going some way towards Keto.

Because of this effort I have managed a weight loss of just over 4 pounds in a week, hopefully  this will continue. I am fitter, have more stamina, am more flexible and stronger than I have been for some considerable time. All this gives me the insentive to carry on with a summer goal of being able to buy a whole new wardrobe a few sizes smaller than now.

To this end I am more sure that this is the way to go for me. I did my brisk walk but decided against any running. I didn’t do the strength and flexibility but did lots of little walks as well as stuff around the house. I again got my 10,000 steps, a major goal for me. My resting heart rate is now around 54, very good for my age.


Eating was a little off today but not too bad. I did the fast until lunch time again, this is getting much easier and cutting out snacking in evening is not so much a problem now.



This was my lunch egg stuffed lettuce leaves. I snacked on blueberries and apple during the afternoon but then went a bit haywire and had a veggie curry with real rice. Not AIP or Paleo and a too high carb count for Keto. I am not going to dwell on this slip up but start tomorrow on a good note and carry on as before. Wish me luck !!!!!

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