Which way ?

Whether you want to heal your gut or improve health or lose weight is only something that you can decide to do. How you achieve any or all of these is again another thing only you can decide. That’s two decisions that have to be made before thinking of strategies to accomplish anything. Once decisions are agreed with yourself, the next step is to work out what to do and how to do it.

Changing to a Paleo way of eating was a conscious decision by me because after eating all the “ good and nourishing” foods advocated by the food pyramid and big food companies, I began to feel that it was not the way for me to go. After scouring the internet I found what I was looking for a more natural way of eating like our ancestors. There wasn’t much out there then but I persevered and found a way of eating that I was happy with. Fast forward a few years and there was an explosion of info, and recipes from great bloggers on the internet. So began my interest and enthusiasm to find reasons why the food I wanted to eat was either good or bad for me. Following Paleo made me feel better, healthier and have more energy. This was a path I had to decide to follow on my own, how I chose to do it was again my decision. Health wise this change was one of the best decisions I ever made, one I have never regretted. However this did not get rid of all my problems.

As more and more info about foods and what eating them did to our bodies and minds became available, I realised that I needed to up my game and try and find why I was continuing to develop gut issues, intolerances and other annoying symptoms. This was when I went down the AIP way of eating. I managed to heal my gut quiet well and work out what I could and couldn’t eat for my optimum well being. As I said at the beginning, all these decisions can only be made personally. To succeed or not is again down to a personal decisions. There always seems to be a constant internal fight.  should I did this or that , should I go down this route or another one. Success depends on ‘who’ wins the argument. Some days it goes one way and other days the other way.

This is how I feel most days, I know what I should do but sometimes I don’t follow my own good sense. Luckily this doesn’t happen as often now but no one is perfect ……

Today was an example of sometimes following the right path and sometimes ignoring good sense. Although I did way over my 10,000 steps I didn’t do any of my set walking, running or other exercises. Today I made a conscious decision to not do them which could have resulted in my not getting my step goal but as fate would have it I still managed these. Eating again was not straight forward. I was out and about a lot so didn’t eat as I normally do. I had a brunch of AIP food but didn’t do so well in the evening just having some chips from the fish and chip shop. Not the healthiest but sooooo nice. I snacked on banana and apple in the afternoon and did drink lots of water so good decisions there.

More decisions tomorrow!!!!!

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