Monthly Archives: March 2018

Hope will rise out of failure!

It’s been a while since I last posted. There have been some good things and some bad since then. My holiday was great but boy did it encroach on my healthy eating regime. For me half the pleasure about a holiday is the food on offer. I have such a restricted way of eating with my allergies and intolerances I sometimes feel the need to break out and eat lots of what I am able to even if I know I will pay for it later. Certain foods like dairy I cannot touch with a barge pole but others like homemade bread, potatoes, tomatoes and others I can tolerate in small amounts, the  emphasis being on SMALL. Not so when on holiday, baked potatoes are easy and so lovely with options to eat them with,  just butter (I am ok with a small amount of butter surprisingly)  or tuna or just salad to name but a few. Sandwiches with lovely crusty homemade bread and mouthwatering mixed salads, yum, yum. That being said having these kinds of food almost daily has not been a good idea. Although my weight has overall stayed pretty constant my digestive system has not been too good and I have felt yuk more often than ok. My sleeping has been so hit and miss, more miss than hit, and my energy levels have often been a bit low. Pain, particularly in my feet and hips, and also itchy skin has at times been quiet debilitating. Overall not a good period in time.

There is obviously a moral here, eat well and you will feel well. Do the physical things like walking, running as well as the strength and flexibility and your body and mind will thank you in the long run.

I think it is time I take stock and go back to being strict with foods I know are good for me and NOT eat foods I can eat but don’t do me any favours (bye bye fresh bread and potatoes particularly).

Feeling not quiet right, having pain and gastric uncertainty is no piece of cake (sorry about the pun) so I really have got to get it together again and do what I know I should. My organic veggie box comes tomorrow so I am looking at interesting recipes to incorporate a lot of these. I also want to have a lovely taste from herbs and spices that are AIP complient, the food to look appetising and to be filling. I get fed up with producing so so meals when I think I could really up the anti and begin to enjoy producing foods I look forward to eating and not have to worry about any unfortunate  consequences. I will still have my blueberries, cucumber avocado etc plated meals once a day but the other main meal I want to be gourmet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck and watch this space (again)