Everyone is accountable to someone at sometime, whether that person is someone else or just themselves. Improving your health, loosing weight, reducing stress and many other things leave you accountable. The hardest person to be accountable to is almost always yourself. Do you follow the rules or do you tweek them to fit in to how you feel at that moment in time. It often seems to be easier to sabotage what you want to achieve than follow through and complete a set goal.

This is how I am at the moment. I set goals, follow them for a while, am accountable to myself for a period but then life gets in the way and my goals go out the window and I fail to be accountable to myself. There are many ways to view this, the main two are to either take stock and decide that enough is enough and stop or make new goals and try again to be accountable to oneself to achieve set goals.

I am ever the optomist and tell myself this is it, this is what I will do to achieve my new goals. I will become accountable to myself again. How long this optimism and accountability lasts is quiet open. Sometimes it lasts a few weeks or even months , then other times it is only a few days. This does not however stop me from trying again, my optimism shining through.

Strict AIP eating works for me as I found a few years ago when I was fully accountable to myself for over a month. My health improved, my aches and painful joints became almost unnoticeable though not cured. More importantly for me my weight dropped significantly. Since then although I have tried for my own personal accountability l have not been able to get back into the zone. I will try again and again and again until I succeed. I want to achieve my goals and make myself accountable to myself.

So, new goals have to be set again, personal accountability has to be put to the forefront and strategies to achieve all this made and more importantly stuck to. I have dabbled with  a few ways of eating but always based on Paleo and predominantly AIP and I must admit that the ensuing physical and mental suboptimal feelings make me realise how I should eat and all I am doing is sabotaging myself. I seem to be my own worse enemy most of the time. Strict AIP is definitely how I need to eat.

My physical well being has also suffered from my not doing the strength and flexibility workouts I was regularly doing and also the running I started to do. My resting heart rate has gone from 53 up to 61, although still good for my age, it shows that not being so physical does have an effect quiet quickly on heart rate.

It is very clear that I know what I must do and why, so why can’t  I get it together and follow through. It all comes down to accountability and the fact that it seems less important to be accountable to oneself when completing set goals. Maybe it is not having strong enough will power so making it easy to sabotage said goals. Maybe it all comes down to fact that subconsciously I resent having to set these goals and put in the effort to achieve them. Maybe I resent not being able to eat as others do and not having the energy and stamina to fully take on board the physical challenges I set myself and want to achieve.

Little steps, more will power and small achievements will eventually lead to bigger thing. Hopefully I will become fitter again with more flexibility and stamina and most importantly LOOSE WEIGHT !!!!!!!!!!

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