Rock bottom ?????

I woke up today with what I imagine is what a hangover from a heavy night out would feel like. The only problem is I don’t really drink alcohol, maybe a glass of wine once in a month, so you see how I felt was not really called for. I can only imagine it is the result of the medication I have been taking for a nasty viral head cold with a chronic and debilitating cough. Although I am over the virus my body is still fighting the aftermath and dosnt seem to be winning the battle. Added to this is my allergy to tree pollen which is in full swing at this time of year. Spring is great but why don’t trees grow at the same time !!!!!!. Allergy tablets are adding to the cocktail and maybe not hydrating enough to combat all this.

As I have said before my eating is not as good as I know it should be so perhaps another reminder that the body begins the fight in the  gut so it needs to be strong and well fed. All these things should get me to eat as I should and maybe will give me the push I need to get back to strict AIP at least for a while and then go in for the reintroduction phase which may make it not so onerous.

To this end I have stocked up on the organic fruit and veggies I need to follow this regime and will add chicken and salmon, both tinned and fresh as my protein. It sounds so simple and straight forward when I am sitting here and contemplating what must happen but things like chocolate, potatoes and crackers just seem to get in the way. Oh well now I have cleared the cupboards of unmentionables and the shop is too far to just pop out to I may do better.


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