Monthly Archives: June 2018

Going wrong!

I haven’t posted for a long time because I am still finding it challenging to eat as I know I should and to get back into my fitness routine. That being said I have managed to loose a small amount of weight so am not feeling totally disheartened. I have loads of aches and pains though particularly when I get up in morning, not a good sign for my hoped  for well being. My stomach is quiet bloated and prone to discomfort and even a little pain. Although I am not eating far out of my comfort zone, it is enough to cause me grief. Trouble is the more I “fail” the less I want to clean up my act. It is the old story of wanting to do something, knowing what to do but lacking the will to actually carry it all out. Such is life, it constantly throws up curve balls and how you react to these either results in feeling well or not. Although I try to only have “good” stuff in the house, this does not always happen. Chocolate has always been my downfall together with potato crisps and homemade bread. Things really have to change, I need to get my mojo back and  I have to begin at the beginning again and do better.