Monthly Archives: August 2018


Feeling unwell, achy and brain fogged is becoming the new norm for me now. Lots of family stuff and not leaving time just for me is really starting to encroach on my well being.

Mostly my eating has been in the main on track but still not optimum. A knee injury stopped me from reaching my daily 10,000 step goal. for many weeks. I feel that my leg muscles are suffering and seem week. I am now able to walk ok so hope to build up again. The strength and flexibility has also gone by the way, I am not doing too well really. The hot weather,  although lovely, really is taking its toll as well. I am more a liker of  spring and autumn weather.

Sleeping is really becoming a nightmare. I have difficulty going to sleep and wake up many times in the night often spending hours out of bed. All this is resulting in me feeling tired in the day and not really wanting to do much more than is necessary.

So, summing up, I don’t sleep well, I am not eating as I should, I feel week with stiff and painful joints and muscles and generally unwell, brain fogged and at times miserable.

So what to do ? I could carry on as I am “playing” at being healthy or get really stuck in and commit to doing the autoimmune protocol properly, getting my 10,000 steps and starting the strength and flexibility regime again.

Time will tell.