Day one! A hard fought victory

First goal for the day, I got my 7 hours sleep. This is a good start because I haven’t started the day feeling tired.


I was a bit achy but not as bad as it has been. My feet are painful so maybe a painkiller is needed just so I can get my walking in.

Despite pain in feet I managed to complete first day of couch to 5K module. Although I am not as fit as I was,  I found doing it reasonably easily.

I increased my heart rate from my resting rate of 57 to average of 116 beats, which shows I am still fitter than I was, as the first time I did couch to 5K my heart rate was up in 140+ beats region.

I didn’t feel hungry for breakfast so decided to do a mini fast and ate at lunch. This consisted of homemade pumpkin and sweet-potato soup with a cold plated meal of turkey slices, blueberries, strawberries , avocado, apple and cucumber.

Continuing on with my fitness regime I decided to do day one of the strength and flexibility podcast. Whew !!! It was not easy. My bones creaked and my muscles felt a little tight. I have problems with my knees which after following this podcast last time seemed to have improved their movement. After such a long break, it was like starting again, another reason to continue with the podcasts before my knees seize up completely.

Dinner was a bit rushed pressed between other things. I just had an apple, slice of turkey and  bone broth. I know this is not really sufficient so will probably eat something else later to up the calorie intake.

I have been looking at meal planning and think I have come up with a sort of menu which looks interesting. I enjoy cooking from scratch so don’t need to think of leftovers or meals to put into freezer. While a menu for a week would be ideal to keep shopping to a minimum to start with I think I will go just for one or two days.


Today has been quiet an eye opener for me. I know I sabotage my own health often as that resentment builds in me that I cannot eat what I want to cook and am not very fit which stops me doing things I want to do. I have stuck to my plan as regards walking, couch to 5K and Strength and flexibility goals. Food is another matter, I haven’t t eaten enough, but what I did eat was good and nourishing.

I know it is day one, but I want to take one day at a time and each day I follow my plan is a victory.  If I slip up I have to take note,  put it behind me and try better the next day.

Today is the first of hopefully lots more victories !!!!!!!.

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