My Plan


So,   (I know, you should never start a sentence with ‘so’ but it just seemed apt for this one), first things first. THE most important aspect of getting my act together is to sort out my food choices. Along with this are quantities so I can continue along the weight loss trail. To this end I am going to try simple meal planning. There is a lot on the internet and in cookery books that champion meal planning. It enables you to only include stuff that is good for you, in quantities that are right for you and that hopefully you will enjoy. Because you know how much you need for each meal it should also help with only buying what is necessary  and with luck reduce the food bill (a big plus).

I have been remiss with getting my 10,000 daily step target managinging only about 4-5 sessions a week. This has to improve because I found just doing this was very beneficial to how I feel.

The next phase is fitness, so I intend to do the NHS Couch to 5K in 9 weeks. It changed me from being able to “run/jog” a few paces to running/jogging for 30 minutes. Not quiet 5K but getting there. I can’t do that now but am not a complete beginner so hope to achieve the 5K this time round.

Strength and particularly flexibility are another biggy for me so I want to do the NHS Strength and flexibility podcast at same time as  the Couch to 5K.

Sleeping  has become more of a problem again. something I hope will improve.

This is my plan of action so it’s off to find some  interesting recipes that won’t be boring but will nourish my body without causing any gastric issues.

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