D4: You win some and lose some.

Sleep on Sunday night is always a problem because I have to get up really early to drive over to take care of the little ones for two days. I tried going to bed earlier but just ended up sleeping less. I don’t know whether it is psychological my not sleeping but it is a pain. I just go to bed a little earlier than normal and hope for the best. Last night wasn’t too bad getting nearly 4 1/2 hours sleep is more than I usually get. I tend to go to bed really early on Monday night because I have to get up early again on Tuesday morning as little ones parents leave sooooo early to go to their respective work places. I don’t know why but I am able to get to bed early and sleep ok. Where is the logic in that?


It was a rest day from couch to 5K and Strength and Flexibility.  I do find however that taking elder little one to primary school and then younger little one to Pre-school is a lot of walking so with going to the shops and working in the house I have no problems getting my step goal in.


Eating today has been a problem, being away from home is not easy when it comes to food choices. Although I do tend to bring some of my chosen foods it’s not like having the back up of  easy to hand AIP foods that I tend to stock up on at home. My stomach has felt “off” all day so I have not really eaten much from mid afternoon onwards. Eating this way is not good for me but it is only for two days then it’s back to normal.

Neither hubby nor I drink coffee but when at little ones home there is the strong rich aroma of ground coffee, it almost makes me wish I had not given up this beverage all those years ago for the ‘delicate’ flavour of green tea.


I have done very well with my step goal today with over 13,000 steps and over 6 miles of walking. I must admit though that my feet are not thanking me for all this exercise, I will probably pay big time tomorrow. At least I don’t have to do all the school runs just pre school so that will give them a welcome rest.

To summarise my day, I didn’t get enough sleep, I didn’t do any physical exercise except walking, I didn’t eat well but I did excel with my steps, so overall a mixed day but by no means a bad day.

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