D5: As expected.

Not a bad nights sleep but I did wake up at about 3 am and didn’t get to sleep properly again till after 4.30. I was in that drift in and out of rest where you think you are awake all the time but in fact have little smidgions of light sleep. I didn’t quiet make up for the loss of sleep on Sunday night but went a good way there.


Again not quiet my longed for seven plus hours sleep but nearly there, perhaps tonight when I am at home.

It was another busy day with the little ones. I didn’t do the couch to 5K but did a lot of walking.

Eating was also not good, my stomach felt a bit iffy and heavy so I just had a few light things such as blueberries, cucumber and bone broth. Tonight it seems to be ok but time will tell. I love looking after the little ones but am always glad to come home to the peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I will be back to full on AIP, so much easier at home. I again got my steps in so am happy with that.


Not the best day but also not a complete right off. I will see what tomorrow brings!!!!

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