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D9: So Different Today


What a difference a day can make. Yesterday was the pits but today is full of hope and positivity. I didn’t get as much sleep as I normally need, only about 5 1/2 hours, far short of my 7 hour goal. Despite this I woke quiet refreshed and surprisingly without too much discomfort. Maybe things are working out !!!!!


To take advantage of this ‘well’ feeling I got right down to it and did the first session of week 2 Couch to 5K. This I found to be reasonably easy, endorsing my feeling of increased fitness.

I felt that I had increased my pace so got more steps in and had my increased heart beat for a more sustained period. Hopefully all this will improve my cardiovascular health and maybe help stop my blood pressure from going up.

And so to food, I feel that cooked meals don’t do me any favours so think I will stick to uncooked stuff for a bit. To this end I meal planned my food for today by making up 3 of my “plated” meals, one on a plate for breakfast and two in glass containers for later.


Half hour before eating breakfast I had a glass of warm water with lemon juice to help my liver and digestion.

After my breakfast I didn’t have any ill effects so another positive for the day.

Even the Strength and Flexibility routine felt easier to do, I still have problems with my knees so the exercise using these joints is helped by using my arms for support and doing them very gingerly. My joints don’t feel so bad now and I am beginning to feel more movement without stiffness.

Lunch was another plated meal from my stash in the fridge. It was great not having to prepare it, just plonk it in a plate and eat. I track my food intake using the LIFESUM app. This shows calories as well as a complete breakdown of my food. I opted for the Healthy Eating meal plan in the app. I often don’t actually reach my recommended calorie intake for every meal so am trying to improve this. Breakfast was a bit under and lunch more so, must do better.


It can be noted that both meals look very similar, just the protein part (eggs versus salmon) were different. I really enjoy these plated meals, I am all for separate items on my plate and love the different colours and combinations of fruit and veggies that can be put together. So it’s out with the cooked and in with the raw for a bit anyway.

Unfortunatly I had a small cheat by having a slice of just cooked homemade bread (one of my downfalls). My tum feels a bit uncomfortable again, I really must resist it.

I didn’t really feel like much for dinner so saved my last meal in a glass for tomorrow. Instead I had just picks. During the evening I had a couple of slices of turkey breast, grapes, apple and a peach. Not many veggies I know maybe more tomorrow.

I managed my 10,000 steps (just) so was happy with that.


A positive day today, so different from yesterday. The only thing I feel I fell down on today were a few eating cheats. If I could get this under control I will feel so much happier. I just have to remember that each day is a new challenge and each component of my plan is a challenge to overcome.