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Home Truths

Things have not been going well lately, my digestion is unpredictable and my feeling of unwellness is continuing unabated. Some days I feel not too bad but others are not so good. Knowing that I can feel better and that what I put into my body has a big big big effect on how I function is, to be frank quiet galling. I know that I sabotage my own health and am at the stage in my life that if I don’t clean up my act I will start to feel and look as old as I am.

So, what to do ?. Well the first thing is to accept that it is mainly my fault that I feel so bad and that not sticking to what I know I should eat is causing my gastric problems. I really do resent not being able to eat as I used to but know I can make a difference if I “follow the rules”.

I have to stop playing at trying to improve my well being and take the big steps to actually do it.

To this effect I hope to (I will !!) make a plan of action and stick to it as closely as possible and see how things go .