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Yet another goal !

Another reasonable sleep last night meant that I woke refreshed and not tired. More importantly I was not stiff and didn’t feel any real pain or discomfort. So started a good day. I thought I would not risk a run as I really don’t like the pain in my feet. It was again a cold crisp morning so lovely for a walk outside.


I went for my check up with the nurse this morning she tested for cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Although my cholesterol was normal and blood sugar levels low my blood pressure was again high. I am one of the unfortunates people with  ‘white coat syndrome’ were my blood pressure is high in surgery but reasonable when taken at home. This means that each time I have my blood pressure taken at the surgery I have to spend the next month taking it at home 3 times a day and going back to surgery each week to have these numbers reviewed. Each time the same conclusion, whilst a little high not worrying so come back in a year!!!!!!

I thought perhaps I needed to look at what to eat and incorporate more foods that would help to reduce this pressure naturally as I am against medication for me personally, and intend to stay off anything until absolutely necessary. There is lots of info on the net, to this end I am going to try and incorporate more omega 3 fish, blueberries, banana, and anything else I can get to reduce my numbers. I am already doing lots of physical exercise and eating a good nutritious diet. Apart from excess weight I don’t do any of the other things that may increase my blood pressure so will continue to focus on losing more weight, and hopefully get my blood pressure down. Another goal to add to the many. I started this by having some salmon ( omega 3) and veggies  which included broccoli, sprouts and string beans for lunch.


I made fish with a tapenade coating for dinner. No matter how I try them I really, really, really do not like olives in any shape or form. Although I didn’t put any on my piece of fish, the tapenade managed to leak a bit from the others and “contaminate” mine so I couldn’t eat it. Instead I had a plate full of lovely veggies and sweet potato mash. Shame about the fish but c’est la vie.

My step goal was again not a problem so all in all a good day.


Tomorrow will start the blood pressure monitoring and eating to hopefully reduce it.