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Although I would like to follow a Keto type meal plan I am finding it not easy. Because of  my food intolerances, mainly dairy, I am finding it difficult to find recipes that I like and have the required ratio of carbs to proteins to fats, something always seems to be off. To this end I think I would be better off just doing AIP for a while and see if I can get to grips with Keto AIP foods. I am not over keen on salads and do find that too much uncooked greens is a little strong for my gut. This excludes a load of appropriate recipes so I am going back to eating more ftuit and more importantly for me my favourite plated meals of protein avocado, blueberries, cucumber and fruit. I managed well on this way of eating before so think it is the way to go for now.

Today I had an apple and banana for breakfast.  Lunch was roast chicken, veggies and roasties. I didn’t fare too well for dinner and just had cold chicken and toast. I really need to stock up my fridge.

I did a lot better on my physical activity. I did a brisk walk and the strength and flexibility regime together with a few shorter walks. The step goal was met and surpassed again.

Just a short post today, got to get ready for the little ones and pack for my holiday ….