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Day Two. Problems.

Sleeping wasn’t so good this time but I still woke up feeling reasonably fresh if a bit disappointed not to get over 7 hours sleep. Falling asleep seems to be the big bug bearer. Once asleep, although restless, I am at least not getting up to read like I used to.

D2C8B961-22D4-4BC0-B6D2-E316BB35E2F7.pngI weigh myself each morning, I think mainly out of habit. I was surprised to see a loss of 3 pounds, very good, but I know it will probably be just water loss and will maybe be back again tomorrow. Although happy with this I am not pinning my hopes on sustaining this figure. I tend to just take note of the overall loss or gain in a weekly period. This, I think, tends to be more of a trend indicator, which lately has not been too positive.

I didn’t have breakfast again, I really don’t like eating in the morning but know it works for me so I may have to reintroduce something then.

This is a rest day for the couch to 5K podcast so I just had a brisk walk to compensate. My feet were a bit sore so didn’t do too much.

I did my meal prep for just today. I got everything ready for the main meal as well as a snack and a lighter meal. It was nice to see it all ready in fridge and not have to spend more time than necessary in the kitchen.

Our main meal was basically chicken cooked in lemon juice, caramelised onions, garlic granules, dried mint, lime kaffir leaves and chopped leaks. This will be served with broccoli, carrots and green cabbage. I will Snack on carrot and celery sticks with a dip of avocado mixed with lemon juice. The lighter meal had a base of fresh fruit served with tinned salmon as an easy to digest protein.

Main meal

Snack and light meal

It was so easy to put together the chicken and shove it in the oven. Having the veggies ready prepared also was great, so preparing as much as possible in morning has a lot to be said for it. The meal itself looked good and was full of only stuff I am able to eat (AIP based).  Unfortunately half way through eating it my stomach started to hurt . Why?, who knows obviously something on my plate was not to it’s liking. So what to do? Going through each item trying them and seeing if there is a problem is time consuming and to be frank I am so fed up of having to do it. Looking at the plate the only thing that I think may be a problem is the cabbage. I am not a fan of cabbage do don’t have it often, I think it will be off the menu again. The other stuff I regularly have so will keep having it and note how I feel. D101C751-B7FD-4E7B-BB5F-ACA741FFB3C8

I really dont feel too good after my main meal. I feel lethargic and slightly uncomfortable. I wish I could just work out what is what with my digestion. One theory I have is that I may not do well with too much cooked food in one meal. I think I will have to try eating my “plated non cooked meals” and not have a mixture of too much cooked stuff.

My light meal of tinned salmon and ready prepared fruit (blueberries, grapes and chopped apple) was refreshing.  I think my stomach is still a bit iffy from lunch time so this meal did feel a bit heavy. I don’t normally have any problems with this type of food and feel a bit gutted that I am having this slight reaction. I also feel bloated, not good. I think no more food today and see if things settle by tomorrow. I have to look for very simple meals for a bit and see if I can improve things. This unpredictability with food which has been very noticeable and inconvenient for quiet a few weeks now really needs to be sorted.

Because I didn’t feel too good I haven’t completed my step goal or done the strength and flexibility. Not the best of days but at least the food I ate was within my AIP meal plan even if something did not suit me.

Overall l don’t feel that I failed today just didn’t succeed!!!!!!.