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Fasting success

JI managed the 18 hour fast with little difficulty. The evenings are still a little dodgy, I still want to have something but resisted the temptation. Mornings are not a problem so I know that if I can get through the evening I am on the home straight. I had a good night sleep, first time in ages, and woke up reasonably refreshed.


Just to mix things up I did the strength and flexibility routine first thing, then did my walk a little later. I did some light jogging in amongst the walking but found the pain in my feet returned. I think I will stick to brisk walking for a bit longer. I am probably eating something that is causing inflammation particularly in my feet and hands. I have a sneaky feeling My lovely homemade breads not helping. To this end I am going to resist it in future and see if there is an improvement.

We went out for lunch so my meal wasn’t that complient with what I want to eat. I had chips and eggs but also had a nice side salad to give it some greens. I took my own EVOO and ACV dressing instead of having goodness knows what in the restaurants dressing. Instead of having a pudding I had a simple prawn cocktail. (I know a funny thing to finish a meal off with but I am going away from sweet things).



A did a nice green salad for my evening meal. I didn’t have enough leftover chicken so added a boiled egg to balance out the protein with the carbs and fats. I still felt a little hungry so had half a small banana with dairy free custard. This combination, I hope, will take me through till tomorrow.



I just did some light walking in the afternoon as well as pottering around the house and shopping. This enabled me to get in my 10,000 plus steps.


Having inputted my foods into my Lifesum app it shows that I haven’t eaten my calorie allowance but have nearly achieved my Keto percentages. The AIP part was nearly right,  I still need to work on this. Going out is not that easy to keep AIP but I do try to be conscious of mainly eating right. I think I am beginning to feel a little better overall,  I didn’t have the fatigue feeling I had yesterday and if I could get rid of the niggly pains and the stiffness I would feel it is all working. It’s still early days and I still need to tweek things but feel that the fasting is going ok. I may not do it everyday, just wait and see how I feel.