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D6: Pain predominates

At last 7 + hours sleep, result. Mind you I woke up tired and pretty achy with lots of discomfort in my legs and particularly my feet. All that walking etc with the little ones has certainly left it’s mark. The pleasure of being with them far outweighs the resulting discomfort.


All morning I felt slightly not with it and a bit foggy but it slowly cleared as the day went on. It’s been a busy day meaning we went out to lunch. This was a carvery where I had turkey breast, carrots and some roast potatoes. I would normally have lots of different veggies but unfortunately those on offer included sweetcorn, peas, cauliflower with cheese and cabbage, apart from cabbage (which I have chosen not to eat) the others are non AIP and Paleo.

I didnt do the couch to 5K, my feet hurt too much, but I did do the Strength and Flexibility podcast.


I made bread with some flour from a local farm shop. It was organic and contains 5 different seeds. I don’t normally have bread (I make it for hubby) but decided to have some to taste it.  It was lovely but unfortunately my tum became uncomfortable after about an hour or so. This shows that giving up bread, wheat and gluten is necessary for me. I had my daily bone broth, hopefully that is doing me good !!!!

I haven’t reached my step goal, again because of the pain in particularly my feet and slightly in my legs. I think the “day of rest” will help and tomorrow is another day.


To summarise,  it wasn’t a very good day but not a complete washout. I do get fed up not being able to do things because of pain and discomfort and hope I am able to get passed all this with my plan.