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New Year

A day of reckoning, new wishes, needs and wants. When your body stops acting as you expect it to and starts to take on its own persona, you know things must change. As a child and young adult I ate what I wanted and had a sort of enjoyment with food. Now all that has changed and not to the better. My unknown intolerance to all things dairy really ramped up during  my middle years and is now  off the charts. From drinking pints of lovely milk, having yogurt whenever and really, really enjoying cheese of all kinds, these are alas things of the past where even a minute amount of milk sends me into a downward spiral of pain, discomfort and eventually leading to a complete digestive meltdown. Not pleasant and making the desire to stay at home my number one priority.

My inability to get on with beans, nuts and seeds has also increased as time goes by as has my love affair with things such as kiwi fruits and tomatoes. There are probably a lot of other things which thankfully don’t pose as too much of a problem at the moment but more and more foods seem to cause me grief. This unpredictability has meant that I no longer enjoy the thought of food, don’t want to eat out and definitely don’t want to go on holiday and would prefer to be at home. Not good for my social life or fulfilling my ‘desire’ to go to other places and countries. So what’s to do?

Moving away from eating anything to eating broadly Paleo and then AIP has made a big difference to my digestive system but not my love affair with food as this way of eating is a little restrictive although not too boring with the amazing recipes thought up by Paleo and AIP food bloggers. This being said, knowing what to do and actually doing it are worlds apart. I know how to eat and my sensible side is full of enthusiasm to go down that route, however, along comes my resentful side which just seems to enjoy sabotaging my good intentions.

So I start the new year full of renewed enthusiasm and good intentions. The Christmas pudding and mince pies are all gone,  the little treats and mounds of food associated with this season has all been eaten by the visiting ‘hoards’ and the fridge is empty of tempting no-no foods. Today I will try and clear my system with loads of water and bone broth and think about what I hope to do tomorrow.  In my happy state of mind at this moment I fully intend to grasp the meal planning system for AIP and only invest in compliment foods. Here’s hoping this renewed enthusiasm to improve my crappy health and unwellness will carry over until tomorrow and into at least the near future.